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Welcome to the official website of spkg, the unofficial Slackware Linux package manager. spkg is implemented in C and optimized for speed. The latest version relased on 2013-04-02 08:32 is: spkg-1.0.1. See NEWS file for more information about this release.

Spkg is used in Salix OS to make its package installation and upgrades blazingly fast.


Spkg 1.0 was released

After almost five years since the development started, spkg reached version 1.0. Yay!

Over those five years, spkg received some commercial support by Zonio, gained windows support thanks to Laura Michaels, and was adopted by Salix OS developers for package management in their distribution.

Spkg GIT repository on GITHUB

Spkg GIT repository is available on GITHUB.

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You can find some benchmarks here. Here are just a few numbers comparing pkgtools to spkg: installation is at least 4x faster, upgrade is 7x faster and remove is 30x faster on averange.

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