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I started publishing patches to the alpha1 version of spkg in the patches directory.


Firtst alpha version released! This version implements install, remove and list commands. See manpage for more information. Other new features include fully functional command line interface with corresponding manpage and implementation of safe break points. You can safely break any command using some reasonable signal like SIGINT and all changes made so far will be automatically rolled back. There are new command verbosity selection options too. I've put spkg on diet and completely dropped sqlite and filedb database code. This results in fewer dependencies and little to no performance impact. Filedb code was replaced with JudySL arrays. See this page for more info. Enjoy it!


Install command is nearly completed. spkg installs 60 packages (total size 18MB) under 3 seconds. Installpkg from pkgtools needs 90 seconds to install the same set of packages. Whooooa! Maybe I should reabbreviate spkg for speeeeedy package manager. :] Keep tuned.


Pkgdb completed.


Filedb library received new features: fast distributed checksumming and per file arbitrary data storing. It is possible to open multiple file databases at once. Implemented new, much better error handling everywhere. TODO file is now automatically updated on the web.


I've implemented Python bindings. Now I'm finishing pkgdb library.


SQL database wrapper API completed. Untgz documented.


Another milestone achieved. Pkgdb is fast. Database operations on averange package can be done in 2ms on my 1GHz Athlon. Full synchronization with legacy database on my system can be done in 1 second. (522 packages)


Website created. Development code released.

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